The Couch Family Foundation Brand Identity

We are thrilled to unveil the Couch Family Foundation’s new brand identity. We have put considerable thought into how we communicate our philanthropic strategy and the journey that has led us here, and we are excited to now share that with you. This is also an opportunity to highlight the great work being done in communities for which we care deeply.

As such, we ask that you use the logos below in their currently designed state. If you have any questions regarding the use of these assets, please email Jessica C. Ratey.


Artboard 6 copy@4x-8.png

Horizontal Logo

The horizontal logo can be used in most conventional spaces, but mainly in wide spaces such as navigation bars and business cards.

Artboard 7 copy@4x-8.png

Vertical Logo

The vertical logo can be used in most conventional spaces, but mainly in either square proportioned or taller spaces.


Artboard 8 copy 3@4x-8.png


This is our primary typeface, which should be used on all digital & printed brand materials, advertisements, and websites/landing pages.

Artboard 8 copy 4@4x-8.png

Nunito Sans

This is our substitute typeface from Google Fonts, which should only be used in contexts when Effra cannot be used (i.e. Google Docs, Microsoft Office).

Brand Guidelines