The Upper Valley is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family, with world-class hospitals, institutions of higher education, innovative businesses and community-based organizations, natural beauty, and close-knit towns and villages where all children can have an opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive. We build on these community assets by:

  • Supporting existing programs that promote positive outcomes for young children and their families

  • Creating new and innovative solutions to address persistent community challenges

  • Fostering opportunities for convening, learning, and collaboration for collective impact

All Children Deserve A Strong Start in Life

Building strong systems for young children requires a comprehensive approach to strengthening access to high-quality early learning, health care and mental health services, and child and family support services. We understand that for young children to thrive, all parents and caregivers must have the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to support their children’s early learning and development.

Achieving long-term, sustainable, and positive outcomes for children and families in the Upper Valley will require new ways of thinking and new ways of collaborating across often disconnected sectors of education, health care, and human services.

A Cross-Sector Approach

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High quality early childhood education builds the foundation for life-long success. Through grant making and community engagement, we aim to strengthen the capacity of educators and caregivers in the Upper Valley to nurture and support the healthy development of young children and their families.



All children deserve access to affordable, quality health care and mental health supports—including developmental screenings, pre and post-natal care, preventative care, and maternal mental health supports—that help kids thrive and reach their potential

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A healthy childhood starts at home, with strong, nurturing, and resilient families. Home visiting, parent education, and child and family supports help ensure that all adults and caregivers have the necessary knowledge and skills to support their children’s development.

Long Term Goals

  • All young children have access to the necessary developmental and learning opportunities that promote long-term health, social and emotional wellness, and academic success

  • All parents have access to needed resources and social systems so they can better support themselves and their children

  • All parents have the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to make the best choices for their children’s early learning and development

  • Working parents are able to enter and remain in the workforce—supporting family economic well-being and regional economic growth—knowing their children are well cared for

  • All families live in healthy and supportive communities that foster social and economic opportunity

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